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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Monterrey

The extraction of wisdom teeth in Monterrey is a very common intervention from which many doubts also arise.


* Do they come out to all people?

* When is it necessary to remove them and how is the intervention?

*It hurts much?

* How should we take care of ourselves before and after the extraction?


At MAAS Dentistas® we will help you clarify your doubts and beliefs about the extraction of wisdom teeth.


What are wisdom teeth?


Wisdom teeth are the third molars: there are four teeth, one on each side of the mouth, 2 upper and 2 lower, which are found in the most posterior part. They are called "wisdom teeth" because they usually erupt around 17-20 years, and they used their appearance to calculate age and thus condemn depending on age

It is possible that they appear before the 17 or that, in some occasions, they never get to leave. Sometimes even only one or two come out: not all four come out and they don't always come out at the same time.

By erupting more at different ages compared to other teeth, it is common for them to affect other teeth in the process, moving them or causing direct affections to healthy parts such as cavities.

When should we remove wisdom teeth?


When the wisdom teeth have not erupted '' they cannot be seen '' there are two probable situations, 1.- The position of the tooth is not suitable for its correct eruption '' it is crooked '', or 2.- There is no tooth of the judgment.

Being in the back of the mouth, the place of the wisdom teeth is difficult to brush and maintain hygiene, this is dangerous because it is more likely the appearance of cavities and serious infections, resulting in pain, inflammation, bad smell, etc.

The wisdom teeth in Monterrey should also be extracted when it affects the position of the other teeth "it locks them in."


How much does it cost to extract wisdom teeth in Monterrey?


The price of a wisdom tooth surgery in Monterrey Nuevo león ranges from $ 2000 to $ 6000, at MAAS Dentistas® your specialist in wisdom teeth surgery in Monterrey , we have the best equipment, material and specialists in tooth extraction Del Juicio with more experience in Monterrey, all at an excellent price, because we know that you deserve MAAS and we want to provide you with the best care in dental clinics in Monterrey.

How long does wisdom tooth surgery last?


The common time for a wisdom tooth surgery is 60 to 90 minutes, the intervention is performed with anesthesia at all times , once anesthetized, avulsion protocols of the piece are carried out until its extraction, for more information on details of the protocols send us a message here .


It depends on the position of the piece, it is removed with an extraction or surgery protocol in which we have to access the piece through an incision and local bone removal, in cases up to the section of the piece for its comfortable extraction, at all times. The patient must be completely anesthetized, at the end a resorbable or yield suture is performed depending on the case.


Indications after extraction or surgery?


1. Bite a gauze and change it every hour until you notice the absence of bleeding.
This small action helps prevent any possible bleeding that you may suffer, facilitates the formation of a clot, improving healing. If bleeding persists, change gauze and keep pressing.
2. Apply cold to the intervened area

It is a simple but effective measure to relieve pain and as an anti-inflammatory action. It is enough to apply some ice wrapped in a cloth in intervals of 15 minutes of application, 15 minutes of rest from the intervention until bedtime. The cold gel packs that we have in the freezer are also very useful.
3. Take the prescribed antibiotic treatment

Whether it is an extraction, implant placement or gum surgery, sometimes we prescribe antibiotics for 7-10 days after it.
It is important to pay attention to the guidelines of the intakes, in terms of the duration of the treatment and the constancy so as not to miss any dose. For the antibiotic to be effective, we must constantly maintain a correct concentration in the blood.

4. Follow the guidelines of analgesic-anti-inflammatory treatment

The prescription of analgesics is indicated to minimize the discomfort caused by dental surgery. There are patients who avoid medication as much as possible, and we advocate not self-medication, but taking the medication prescribed by the specialist for a few days will help the recovery to be carried out in a more comfortable way. In addition, if the patient does not suffer, the chances for a faster recovery increase.

5. Pay special attention to diet in the days after

These are some simple guidelines:

Do not drink hot food or drinks, the heat increases the risk of bleeding.

Drinking cold foods and liquids for the first few hours will also help soothe discomfort and prevent inflammation.

Eat soft foods for a few days, that do not require force when chewing and that are easy to eat.

Keep some measures during the first weeks: avoid sweets, nuts, foods with small seeds, foods with sticky textures, etc.

Put special care in the diet in the weeks following the operation. Good nutrition is essential to help the area heal well and quickly. Take foods rich in vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables.

6. Avoid mouthwashes in the first 24 hours

These can slow healing and make it more uncomfortable. After 24 hours after the intervention, chlorhexidine rinses or salt water should be started, depending on the patient and what the doctor recommends.
7. Take extreme care in brushing and dental hygiene

In the hours after the intervention it is better not to touch the area. But the next day you can do oral hygiene, taking into account some considerations:
It is important not to neglect oral hygiene.

Brush the area for the first few days with a soft bristle brush.

Do the cleaning slowly, in a non-aggressive, but constant way and paying special attention to be effective.

In the event that the intervention required stitches, be careful not to brush the area of ​​the threads until they are removed.
8. Do not do sports or intense physical activity during the first days

9. Avoid tobacco use as much as possible

Smoking slows down the healing process after dental surgery and increases the risk of infection, pain, and other complications.
10. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

As in any healing process, alcohol delays and makes it difficult.

11.Clean the area in regeneration (Well)

It is common for a ´´pozo´´ to form, it is temporary with time it will invaginate and close completely, the first 2 weeks if we see a white layer it is not necessary to remove it, we only remove food by rinsing or with a disposable syringe with water to jet.


Wisdom Tooth Surgery Specialists in Monterrey


Forget the Pain, visit us at MAAS Dentistas® , to perform your Wisdom Tooth surgery treatment in Monterrey


Take the decición to start your removal treatment Muela of the judgment in Monterrey at the best price and you deserve MAAS !.

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