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Teeth whitening

What is dental whitening in Monterrey?

Teeth whitening treatment in Monterrey   as it is known colloquially, it is the dental treatment performed in MAASDentistas® your dentist in Monterrey its purpose is to remove the pigments and organic factors that cause an opaque color in the teeth ("stains") through a chemical process with different materials with their respective protocols.

The correct name is tooth whitening.

How does tooth whitening work?

The tooth is divided into 3 layers, enamel, dentin and pulp

The hydrogen peroxide gel that we use works by allowing oxygen to penetrate through the enamel pores and reach the dentin, causing the decomposition of the organic compounds trapped in it into small particles that better reflect light and, as a consequence, lighten the color of the teeth.

In other words, the material cleans the factors that made the tooth pigment and does not wear down the enamel.

The fact that the material penetrates the dentin can increase the sensitivity which is why it is recommended to do it with professionals and adapted to your case.


What types of clearance are there?


As we have seen in MAASDentistas®, your dentist in Monterrey, the treatment is personalized and we cannot generalize the percentage of peroxide in all patients, so this type of commercial treatment can cause complications and most do not work.

In dentistry there are two types:

The direct and the landlord


The live is done in the clinic by applying peroxide for a certain amount of time, and sometimes photo-activated with light. We do it in a single appointment .


The landlord makes saves with the shape of the teeth in which a drop of peroxide gel is applied to each tooth to be lightened and used at home varies the hours of application and percentage of peroxide depending on the case.

teeth whitening in monterrey

What lightening technique do I use?


Generally the direct and the home to reach a more favorable result, but it depends entirely on the case, there are cases that with only direct bleaching lightens 2 or more tones.


Who is not a candidate?


Patients with cavities, periodontitis, fractures, resins in the frontal part.

If you have any of these conditions, it must be resolved before whitening.




It is recommended to avoid cold foods and apply a white diet, as its name says white food or without coloring, I recommend chicken, rice, milk, bread, etc.

Avoid sodas with coloring if you drink soda, Sprite, mineral water, etc. is recommended.

Daily tooth cleaning, and if home teeth whitening was also applied, wash the guard without deforming it, directly under the water jet.

If there is a lot of sensitivity, stop applying the treatment and comment on it immediately and we will give you the solution.

Resultados reales sin dolor
Blanqueamiento de sillón y de casa

Monterrey teeth whitening price



The cost of a teeth whitening in Monterrey ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 3,899 , at MAASDentistas® we have different types of whitening so as not to leave you unsmiling with that white that we like so much, the payments can be adjusted to your comfort, the important thing is that we make you smile because your smile is our best advertisement.


For the aforementioned, do not think about it anymore! we are your best option MAAS Dentistas® your dentists in Monterrey . Make an appointment with our team and have a new smile at this time when SMILE is needed the most! we help you do it because we know you deserve MAAS.


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